National Youth Homeless Awareness Month

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services is bringing attention to the nationally recognized campaign to highlight awareness of homeless youth in our communities.

According to, there is approximately 500,000 homeless youth across the country each year. On average, youth tend to become homeless for the first time around age 15. Additionally, roughly 50% of youth who experience homelessness have reported leaving their homes because they have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

Reports indicate unaccompanied youth who are homeless are at a higher risk of anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress, and suicide due to increased exposure to violence while living on their own.

Even worse, approximately 5,000 youth who experience homelessness die every year due to assault, illness, or suicide.

There are multiple ways members of the community can do their part to reduce these numbers. Starting with ensuring a safe living environment for children in their homes. Additionally, they can work with local organizations like Job & Family Services, the Salvation Army, homeless shelters and others to learn about additional ways they can get involved and help.

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