Tis the Season

Story time… So once upon a time, there were two little girls. The two little girls had a toy room and a mother and father who love them very much. The mother and father bought the children whatever gifts they wanted, because they just wanted to make their children happy. The children began to feel entitled. The mom couldn’t go into Walmart without the children throwing a fit, she had to get her girls a toy. It didn’t matter what time of day it was or the time of year whether birthdays Christmas anything… If they wanted it and they cried enough they got what they wanted.

Well you guessed it, that story is about me and my kids. So whenever I hear ’tis the season to be jolly… I cringe.

There has to be a solution. So one day me and my daughters were in the toy room playing and we were talking and my oldest daughter who is four discussed her heart for other kids and how she wants to make them happy. It just so happened to be close to Christmas time. This is when my daughter learned the real reason for the season. I began telling her how spoiled she had become and how some mommies and daddies can’t afford to buy their children’s toys. My daughter looked so distraught and asked me “mommy can we give some of our toys to people? I don’t want anybody to be sad.”

Every year around Thanksgiving since that day we clean out our toy room to make room for the new toys, and we take the old toys to daycare to donate to children who don’t get toys under their tree for Christmas.

I will never forget the look of excitement on both of my children faces to give away toys. It was unbelievably humbling to see my children be so giving. This season remember why we celebrate, it’s not about the gifts. I showered my children with gifts to show them I love them, but they don’t need that. They needed reality, love, empathy, compassion. I’m proud of my children and the women they’re gonna grow into one day so little Momfession from me as I needed a reality check about his the season not to spoil our kids, but to love them with your time, energy, love and compassion

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