Upside Down Adventures

Real talk, here. This past week has been exhausting.


Our two-year-old keeps me moving from the time she wakes up until the time she’s asleep. As soon I start cleaning up one of her “adventures” she’s on to the next one.
This week on “Gloria’s upside-down adventures “consisted of:

  • a knocked over (full) trash can
  • a call to poison control
  • picture frames knocked off the wall
  • shampoo in the toilet
  • a whole toilet paper roll spun across the upstairs
  • a very wet couch

I can’t make this stuff up.

She LOVES to run. Literally. She gets that from her daddy who ran years of cross country. So this girl is fast. I’m talking she gets up from dinner and runs. One time we counted 9 laps through the house. She never got sick or lost her breath. I say this to let you know that I do watch this child like a hawk (or something like that?) but she is so fast and SMART that this mama cant always keep up to the speed of Gloria.

She’s the kid I say things to, that you think to yourself as a mom, “I never thought I would have to say that to my kid” or “I cant believe those words just came out of my mouth”. She’s our girl who I’ve had to yell “get your toothbrush out of the toilet!” and “EW get that poop out of your mouth!”

She’s the one I could write a book about her “upside down adventures” because she has a thing about literally dumping things upside down just because and her curiosity is mighty. She is fearless and bold and she knows what she wants. I’ll give her that. When we are in public and she’s climbing in, out, or on something people run over to grab her because they think she’s going to fall and the ones who know her well just stand by because we know she is fearless and she will want to do it herself anyway. She’s part monkey, I’m sure of it. This is the girl I find standing on countertops, tables, chairs, and even pianos..

However, with all that being said, she somehow can also be the sweetest little girl all at the same time.

I don’t get it. She’s like a sour patch. Sour then sweet.

Linard_92Yet also hilarious, sweet, loud, joyous, and definitely silly—she’s our Gloria Lea and the one that’s going to make mama have gray hair before she’s 30. Or at least I’ll never have to hire a personal trainer.

She’s got that covered.









Photography by Simplicity of Grace


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  1. Great story, Leanna! I KNOW you’re not making any of this up, because we’ve been around Gloria, and heard the stories about her from you and Aaron. Keep up the good writing ( and running! ).

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