6 Christmas Wishes Moms Really Want This Year.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I’ve been asked multiple times what’s a great last-minute gift for moms. Although I’ve said the basics (blankets, candles, gift cards), here’s a more realistic list of what moms really want this holiday.

1. An elf that actually moves on its own.

Let’s be honest, nowadays, Christmas is like the whole month of December. A lot of families and moms take part of the Elf on a Shelf tradition. Pretty much, every day, the elf magically moves overnight to get in some sort of antics.

As magical as it is for the kids to wake up every morning, moms are the ones hustling before bed and sometimes right before the kids to wake up to make it happen. What moms really need, is for a professional elf mover or an authentic magical elf to move around on its own.

I’d be on board with that, if I could get over the fact there was a living creature running rampant at night.

2. A clean and tidy house.

Wouldn’t it be so amazing if there was an easy way to have a nice, clean house without doing any of the work? Maybe while the elf is moving around the house, they could pick up toys or wash the dishes too.

To wake up on Christmas Day (or the month of December, or every morning ever!) with everything on a mom’s cleaning list done would be perfection. By the end of the day, it’ll probably be a big mess again, but hey, we’re making memories.

3. Just one hot meal, maybe?

Before leaving cookies and milk for Santa, a hot meal for mom would hit the spot. A lot of times moms make sure everyone’s fed and happy before even starting to eat. Making sure she gets to eat first or with the kids would be a great treat.

Would the kids still even like to pick off my plate if it was warm? I swear my daughter prefers my food to hers anyways…

4. Unlimited and uninterrupted bathroom time.

Okay, who can sign me up for this one? I always have a mini party in the bathroom that makes me consider if my daughter would truly be on the nice list. Between babies and animals, it’s obviously the place to be when moms in there. A long, hot shower or bath all to myself would be considered a luxury at this point.

Just one night filled with music, bath bombs, and candles… ahh pure relaxation and release from holiday stress. I think there’s a lot of other moms that could easily spend more than an hour soaking or enjoying a shower that never got cold.

Admittedly, I think I’d miss my normal splashy, bubble bath: dog and baby included. As well as hearing my daughter sing on top of her lungs in the shower.

5. More pictures.

After seeing this year’s picture with Santa, is it possible to just have one good picture of the whole family? The answer is yes… with some work!

Gift a mom a family session with a local photographer. There’s a lot of planning (outfits, times that go around naps, and encouragement to smile), but having an actual picture with their family is a gift she’ll always look back on. Even if there is madness before the perfect shot.

And if professional pictures aren’t an option, hello impromptu snaps of mom playing with her kids. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones where the kids are loving on her and she has the biggest smile. Just take them. Having those special moments for a lifetime is a fit gift that keeps on giving. Even if the pictures aren’t ‘perfect,’ keep them. I promise your mom, mom friend, or you will enjoy looking at them with the kids later in life.

But definitely keep the outtakes of bad Santa pictures.

6. Time with you.

Truth be told, all the items on this list and even the go-to gifts would make any mom smile. But, the magic behind a happy mom during the holidays and anytime really is quality family time. Seeing your child happy, healthy, and near is the best present anyone could ever ask for. While this list may be a little funny and a little true, I believe all moms love the time that’s with their kids, even in the chaos of the holiday season.

So whatever you decide to gift your mom, mom friends, or even yourself, remember that the memories made with family and friends are forever.

Happy holidays from my family to yours!
Photo by Stein Creative Co.

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