Ohio Governor Inks Health Care Bill that Includes Comprehensive Learning Network to Support Young Children

(Ohio) – House Bill 12 establishes the Ohio Children’s Behavioral Health Prevention Network Stakeholder Group.

The group will coordinate a plan and comprehensive learning network designed to help support young children in social, emotional, and behavioral development, according to reports. The group will also set out with a goal to reduce behavioral health disparities among young children.

The panel will include people from all walks of life around the state and will include at least one parent with a child who has a behavioral health issue. The group will conduct research for 18 months before delivering a comprehensive report to legislators. Funding comes as part of a $680 million fund.

Representative Thomas West of Canton (D) has indicated his belief that this will be a fantastic in the base of mental health, and behavioral health.

According to statistics, one in five children in the state has mental health or behavioral issues. HB 12 makes it so that children’s hospitals across the state can coordinate seamlessly with other healcare practices, social agencies, and schools, according to reports.

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