Mentor Monday – Relationships you run to

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – When it comes to seeing his mentor, Aiden looks past the rule of no running in the hallway.

Aiden is 9 years old and attends fourth grade at Newcomerstown West Elementary. He has been matched with his big, 17-year-old Hunter, who is a Senior at Newcomerstown High School, since October 2018.

Aiden is known for running into the classroom in search of his Big every Thursday making it no secret how much they both look forward to seeing each other. BBBS officials note that when the two of them are together there isn’t a moment in which they aren’t engaged with one another in some way. Whether it’s playing a game, doing homework, participating in a program or activity, or simply catching up, they are always each other’s number one priority in those moments. Their bond came quick and continues to strengthen every day.

And together they take a leadership role when engaging with other matches. They invite others to join in on games and activities. Hunter sets an example as to what positive social interaction looks like and Aiden is quick to follow suit. They remind each other to be kind and helpful to others.

Those who see them together note how they are always laughing and clearly having a great time together. “My big is really nice, and he is a good friend to me,” explained Aiden. “We like playing Ninja together and always have fun!”

BBBS officials add that Hunter shows a commitment to his match with Aiden and strives to help him in whatever ways he can. “Hunter is an involved, active mentor, and his presence has been impactful to Aiden and his well-being,” they noted.

The community is encouraged to get involved and build relations and make impacts that will last a lifetime. More information can be found by visiting


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