New Year’s Mama Mantra

It is here, unfortunately. As women and especially as moms we feel this need or better yet, responsibility, to make the ultimate new year’s resolution. Why?

We just got done making sure everything was perfect for Christmas and now we have to better ourselves with a resolution?

For as long as I can remember I have been making (and breaking) new year’s resolutions. They usually revolve around weight loss, just like the majority of the world. One year it was run with just my sports bra on and feel confident (which I did one time that year in August and couldn’t wait to mark that off as a NOT broken resolution). Two years ago, I made my resolution “become a mom”. The day I made this I was nearly nine months pregnant so that was kind of a cheating resolution, but by the power of Jesus and the medical staff at Aultman hospital, I was able to knock that one off in February that year.

This past year was back to weight loss – the dreaded “pre-baby weight” resolution. Just so I do not keep you guys guessing, I haven’t made it. Like I am talking haven’t made it by eighteen pounds, haven’t made it. But I also kind of forgot about this resolution until this moment, a few weeks before the end of the year. Stay tuned to see if I turn the eighteen into seventeen, but let’s be honest, Christmas cookies, so don’t hold your breath because I won’t be holding mine as I enjoy them!

I decided to go back to the start and figure out why in the world are we tortured to come up with a new year’s resolution. My in-depth research included me typing into Google, “Where did New Year’s Resolutions come from?” And this is what Google taught me in less than a second, more or less:

A long time ago, the Babylonians promised their gods they would return any borrowed possessions and pay their debts. They would make this promise at the beginning of the year. Along with the Babylonians, the Romans would begin their year by promises to their god, Janus.

So, I guess thanks a lot, Babylonians and Romans.

Now, forever and ever we will get the question from cashier clerks and grandma, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?” And now, as a mom, I feel this extra pressure to make it a good one.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “I don’t care about resolutions. I’ve never done them before so why start now?” Or, “Yes, accurate, this is me. Hate them!” If the latter is you then good because I have decided to make a list of resolutions that you are more than welcome to steal and use as your own. If you are the “IDC!” crowd – kudos.

Not-so-terrible New Year’s Resolutions

  1. My New Year’s Resolution is to not make a New Year’s Resolution this year or any other year I may be on this earth.
  2. My New Year’s Resolution is to not let negative comments made by people bother me (as much).
  3. My New Year’s Resolution is to not compare myself to others (as much).
  4. My New Year’s Resolution is to take (fill in the number) minutes per day to close my eyes and just be.
  5. My New Year’s Resolution is to turn my phone off one day every month and just be with my family.
  6. My New Year’s Resolution is for each negative thought about myself I have, I give myself a compliment.
  7. My New Year’s Resolution is to allow myself to rest. (SO IMPORTANT, MAMAS!!)
  8. My New Year’s Resolution is to listen to more true crime podcasts (just me?)
  9. My New Year’s Resolution is to plan one stay-cation for the family to enjoy this year (much less pressure than planning a big family vacation.)
  10. My New Year’s Resolution is to survive motherhood as best as I can (you can and you will, mama.)

If you stopped at the first one and did not keep reading through, you go, Glenn CoCo. Just remember, no one else will remember your new year’s resolutions. You may not even remember your new year’s resolution so don’t beat yourself up over it. As a mom, don’t make it “to be a better mom.” Because it probably isn’t possible. Don’t make it, “lose the weight” because you are KILLIN’ it already – trust me. If you truly want to make one because you enjoy it, make it positive only. It will help you achieve it better and it will make you want to actually achieve the resolution rather than

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