Healthy Tip Tuesday – Why having a primary care physician matters

(Dennison, Ohio) – While many of us associate seeing a doctor with being sick or injured, it is equally if not more important to see a doctor regularly before either of those scenarios even arise.

In this week’s Healthy Tip Tuesday, Trinity Hospital Twin City is reminding us why having a primary care physician matters.

1.) It’s a one-stop-shop. As cheesy as that may sound, it’s true. Regular checkups with a primary care physician for you, or a pediatrician for your kiddos, allows you to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. The physician is able to keep a close eye on your health, make early recommendations to improve your health or prevent illnesses and catch the early symptoms of a cold or other illness before things progress.


2.) Your primary care physician truly gets to know you. Not unlike having a friend who is good with computers or a brother-in-law that’s a mechanic, having a primary care physician who sees you regularly gives you “exclusive” access to a professional in a specific trade. While you get any time advice from your brother-in-law as it relates to that strange rattle your car has been making, regular visits with a primary care physician allow both you and your doctor to keep dibs on any “rattles” with you, so to speak.

3.) It’s the best way to manage existing conditions. Seeing a doctor regularly, who knows you, allows you to stay on top of any current medical conditions. Things such as diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol or other conditions. Your primary care physician can schedule regular tests to ensure you are always a step ahead of any condition.

For more information about primary care physicians, visit Trinty Hosptial Twin City. 

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