‘Mothers’ rooms will soon be required at many of the nation’s smaller airports.

(U.S.) – The House recently passed the ‘Small Airport Mothers’ Rooms Act of 2019’ that requires lactation areas for nursing mothers in small hub airports.

The legislation even goes a step further to mandate a baby changing table in at least one men’s and one women’s restroom in each passenger terminal building of those same airports. Many of the small airports already meet these requirements, but the standards will be mandated by the fiscal year 2023, which begins October 1st, 2022. Airports do have the option to seek federal funds to help build the rooms.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s report on the bill indicated it was necessary because “nursing parents continue to face challenges and potentially public stigma when attempting to breastfeed, burse, or change their child while traveling.” The bills have strong bipartisan support.

Larger airports must comply with the law by 2021.

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