I’m Under Qualified for Motherhood.

Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I took the leap and went back to school to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a teacher.

What I thought would only be a few semesters of classes has turned out to be a two-year journey of realizing it’d take a lot more classes, time, and patience to complete. With five semesters under my belt and only being able to swing two classes a semester, I was happy to hear I only have THREE more semesters to be done with school!

My enthusiasm was cut a little short when an acquaintance questioned how long it was taking me AND that I only worked from home and mothered Mila.

Mom shame is real. Some days it feels like the world is telling you you’re not doing it right or that it’s an easy job. But out of everything I’ve ever done in my life, motherhood is the one job I’ve been most unprepared for.

Mothers are not just moms…

They are magical healers who can stop tears from an injury with just a kiss and a cuddle.

They are chefs in their child’s eyes and even if they aren’t the best, I can bet their child has a favorite meal, dish, or some kind of food prep that is their child’s favorite.

They are walking encyclopedias that their child is constantly getting information from. Not just in the toddler and ‘kid’ years, but way into adulthood too.

They are personal napkins. Well, all were at one point… hello baby and toddler years, especially when you attempt to wear white!

They are maids or it feels a lot like it right?

They are counselors who sit, listen, and try to figure out how best to help their children make decisions in their life.

They are hairstylists, even those who feel like they’re terrible at doing hair. Brushing their child’s hair and making it somewhat presentable can be a daunting task most days.

They are photographers who want to capture every moment before they grow up too quickly.

They are teachers. Even when they don’t feel like they’re directly teaching something, their child is still learning from every action and reaction.

They are the best jugglers in the world and I’m not talking about throwing balls up in the air and hoping it all goes smoothly, but it feels like that a lot of the time.

They are so much more than ‘just moms.’

They are their child’s most important person and it’s a job most of us are at first underprepared for. In motherhood, we take on the jobs of the world to make sure our child has the best life we can possibly give them. We’re helping shape the future of everything and that’s a monumental task. Motherhood isn’t a passive action, it takes hard work on top of moms working, maintaining relationships, and keeping in touch with being their own person.

So no, the nosey person who’s concerned about when I’m finally getting a ‘real’ job, I’m not done with school. I’m still (and will always be) in the midst of doing the most amazing job that I’m completely under-qualified to do: motherhood.

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