Tobacco Prevention – Tips for Parents

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, teacher or friend of a teen you can be a strong influence in shaping their attitude about tobacco use.

Warning Signs




  • Model tobacco/nicotine-free living! Research tells us that children and teens who have parents who used tobacco/nicotine are twice as likely to use tobacco as well. Read more.
  • Talk to your teen about tobacco/nicotine use. Let them know its ok to ask questions and discuss their feelings. It’s important to continue these conversations as your teen grows. Read more.

  • Discuss ways to respond to peer pressure to use tobacco/nicotine. Encourage them to say no but also offer alternative responses such as, “It will make my clothes and breath smell bad,” or “I don’t like the way it makes me look.”

  • Educate them on the short term and long-term effects of tobacco/nicotine use. Read more.

  • Set firm boundaries about tobacco and nicotine use, and explain why.

  • Encourage kids to get involved in healthy activities that do not involve tobacco/nicotine.

  • Self-confidence is a teen’s best protection against peer pressure. Let them know you value their opinion and emphasize what they are doing right.

  • Encourage your teen to walk away from peers who don’t respect their reasons for not using tobacco/nicotine.

  • Be informed! Keep up with usage trends and what to look for. Communicate with other caregivers and local educators to know what teens in your area are using. Learn more.


More information on what you can do to encourage your child to stay away from tobacco and other substances can be found by visiting

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