Funding provided to extend foster care for children set to turn 18 in Ohio amid coronavirus pandemic

The state of Ohio is providing funding that will extend foster care for children set to ‘age out’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, Governor Mike DeWine announced the Bridges transition program designed to assist young adults. More than 200 children in foster care in Ohio are set to turn 18 over the next three months. The additional funds will provide the resources to allow those children to remain in foster care considering the COVID-19 pandemic may make it difficult for them to find work, homes, or pursue higher education.

The state will provide funding for the program called Bridges, which helps young adults ages 18 to 20, find housing, jobs, and pursue higher education after they leave foster care. Additionally, children set to turn 21 over the next three months can also remain in the Bridges program.

DeWine gave credit to Ohio’s Youth Advisory Board for the idea to provide additional funding to the programs. The board is made up of young people who have been in foster care.

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