5 steps to choosing quality childcare for your kids

Our children are our world and determining who you will leave them with every day can seem like a daunting task.

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It’s a big decision and coad4kids is offering a few tips that can help you make it!

  1. Look – Visit many childcare programs. On each visit, think about your first impression. Does it look safe for your child? Do the providers enjoy talking and playing with the children? Do they talk with each child at his or her eye level? Visit more than one.
  2. Listen – What does the setting sound like? Do the children sound happy and content? What about the providers’ voices? Do they seem cheerful and patient? A place that is too quiet may mean not enough activity and a place that is too noisy may mean a lack of control.
  3. Count – County the number of children in the group. Then, count the number of providers. The fewer number of children for each provider, the more attention the children will get. A small number of children to each provider is most important for babies and younger children.

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  1. Ask – It is important that adults who care for young children have the knowledge and experience to give them the attention they need. Ask about the caregiver’s background and experience. Find out about any special training each has had.
  2. Be informed and stay involved – Find out about efforts in your community to improve the quality of childcare. Is your provider involved in these activities? How can you get involved? Continue to visit your childcare program and talk with your provider often.

Information courtesy of http://www.occrra.org

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