Looking for activities to do with your kids? Checkout the COAD4Kids Pinterest Board

A visual and creative board to help you find ideas for kids activities, DIYs, style inspiration, and more.

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids 

With more than 15 different topics pinned and saved, the COAD4KIDs board will provide you some fun, engaging and educational ideas to keep you little one busy during each season. You will also find some helpful information for parents about safe and health.

The list below have some of the subjects you will find on their Pinterest board.

  • Art & Crafts for each season
  • Child development activities
  • Gross motor skills activities
  • Fine motor skills activities
  • DIY for kids
  • Organization ideas
  • Health and safety

Whether you are new or a daily Pinterest user you can check the COAD4Kids Board and navigate through all the content by clicking the picture below.

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