A Greater Purpose

For so many years growing up I had a deep hatred for my boobs.

They developed when I entered 6th grade, and through my middle and high school years I struggled with my self esteem. Had to laugh off rude comments from girls and deal with way to many sexual comments from boys. Many nights during these years I cried myself to sleep or faked sick because I didn’t want to face my peers.

Now after two breast fed babies (still breast feeding the second) there are days those adolescent hatred thoughts creep back into my mind. The changes that happen to your body are no joke. And it’s hard to learn to love your body at every stage of life.

Today I was prepping my milk supply for the upcoming work week and I just had to take a step back. Looking at this liquid gold that has feed my babies and continues to feed one. I may not love the appearance of my breasts. But I do truly love their ability to produce an abundance of milk.

My freezer stash could last months – and as I continue to pump I have the ability to donate milk on biweekly basis helping to nourish other sweet babies. And for that I will continue to work on loving and accepting my new body. –
Pictured: over 60oz 🍼





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