Inclusion is not tolerance, it's unquestioned acceptance.

As mothers, we have the ability to establish a strong, unwavering foundation for our children. One that is full of love, understanding, kindness, and acceptance. We truly have the power to change the world and that power lies within the way we raise our children. ‘A Mother’s Revolution’ is designed to inspire a motivation that is contagious and one that has the potential to generate real change.

Once a month Newsymom Author Nicole Herrera will dive into a variety of topics that bring hard conversations to light. Topics will range from those on race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disabilities, and more.

You Can Do Hard Things: Navigating Conversations about Race with Our Children

While the composition of our families are unique, one constant remains: We ALL have the responsibility to talk to our children about racism. For too long, white parents have considered racism to not be their problem and have been placing the burden squarely on the shoulders of people of color. If we truly want an equitable world where all of our children thrive, white parents must take it upon themselves to first educate themselves and then add one more difficult series of conversations to their parenting Must Haves.

In order to help parents navigate the treacherous terrain of race and racism, we’ve put together a quick tutorial with important guidelines and helpful resources.

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Hometown Improvements with Sisterhood of Jewels Community Connections, LLC

How do we create a home where everyone feels included and welcome? What happens when many of those living in a community don’t realize there is a problem or are resistant to change? It seems like an impossible task, to be sure, but after an hour and half chat with the founders of Sisterhood of Jewels Community Connections LLC, I’m more optimistic than ever that change is possible.

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