Crystal Nelson

I am a mother of 4 grown children.4 grands. Yes, I know I don’t look like I have a 36-year-old and 4 grands yes, I do. Grateful for each and every experience of life I have had with raising them all. Sports, dance classes band all the running them to practices. Yes, there is life after children Yes you will make it.  They all left me with amazing memories. I love to sing and my youngest loved to say life is not a musical her way of saying stop making noise I like the quiet.  I was blessed to have homeschooled them all.  I’m in a new season in life single, empty nester and after 36 years of raising children since 18 excited for the New season on the horizon. This year I will turn 55 in December, I say a year of double grace, blessing and abundant favor.

I own my business Polished Pearls cleaning company.  It’s two-fold I encourage single moms and women Preparing them for healthy relationships. Teaching on subjects of codependency, orphan heart, grieving losses and how to let go and become a woman of excellence value their own voice and put into place boundaries that keep them safe to be themselves.

I lead a Hurting Moms group it’s a 10-week support group for women their children are making choices that are bringing the pain.  I have been a crisis pregnancy counselor as well as work with victims of human trafficking. My love for the broken and hurting has always brought hope to watch as God reversals Himself heals and restores them.

My desire is to lead Women to their identity before the fall of man. Who are they are there God breathed gifts and talent’s their uniqueness His DNA in them and how to walk in it free from FEAR.

Currently writing a book on the Eternal Bride.

If you are anywhere near me you will encounter the Love, Grace, Compassion, and Mercy of the Father.

Trust me we all do the best we can to raise our children I would only hope to encourage less cleaning more enjoying and lots of love.

May my life echo into eternity being a mom is one of my greatest joys and honor.

Relax there is always tomorrow.

P.S. I have stories yes funny one’s mom bring me home TRESemme….how I got Tiramisu out of that. Oh well, the mousse was cheaper I got a refund.

May we encourage each other to live brave and courageous.