LeAnna Linard

Hello, I’m LeAnna!

 I am a 24-year-old, stay at home mama of 3 blue-eyed, curly-haired beautiful girls, all under 3 years old. Lola and Ava are our twin girls and Gloria Lea will be two this July.

We also are growing our family a bit more with another one currently baking in the oven, due in September of 2019! Eeek!

Aaron is my prince charming husband of almost 4 years and we are super excited and SO blessed to be living our dream of having a big family and sharing this crazy beautiful (& of course chaotic!) life together.   

I take piano lessons, I love to dance (ballet, contemporary), and I love being outside when it’s not cold. I also enjoy gardening, but that’s something new over the last couple years so still no green thumb. I have this crazy dream of being a birth photographer but I have never pursued it but maybe one day I will.

Our family is also a ministry family.

My husband is a pastor and we love the journey the Lord is taking us on, even with its hard days (sometimes weeks) with the Lord teaching us and challenging us- the blessings still far outweigh the struggles. I am excited to share more about being a mama, being a pastors wife, and most of all just a young woman sold out for Jesus trying to not lose sight of my calling and purpose to share Jesus with our children and to “go and preach the Gospel”.