Michaela Madison

I am the mother of a smart, funny, gorgeous little girl named Remingtyn (nearly 2-years-old); I have a wonderful life partner who is by my side through thick and thin, Aaron, and I am a passionate journalist with a variety of experiences over the past decade in the industry.


When I had my daughter in May 2016, I began searching for a credible news organization that focused only on information directly affecting parents and kids.


I was hopeful for a resource that would represent a one-stop-shop for local news and information and events; state and national information and statistics; tips and advice for parents, activities, and milestones throughout development; and maybe even a little entertainment. I wanted the best of it all!


I found myself empty-handed and, so I was inspired to create the source I was searching for. Newsymom.com is truly a place where moms (and dads) can get it all. I am surrounded by a team that inspires me daily and lives by our mission wholeheartedly.


Newsymom.com has evolved from an idea of a mom on maternity leave to a powerhouse in the local news and information industry that is fueled by a mission to inform, educate and entertain mothers from all walks of life. We’ve created a team made up of the mothers just like those we hope to serve.


Those of all walks of life, diverse backgrounds, religions and even parenting approaches. We recognize and appreciate that despite our differences we can and should work together, learn from one another and even lean on each other when needed.


I hope you’ll find Newsymom.com as useful and fun as we intend for it to be!