Shellyn Leeper

Hi, I am Shellyn. I am a mother of three amazing children. I have twin sons and a daughter. My children inspire me daily. They are my muse in all things creative. I truly enjoy being around them and find the world more remarkable when I see it through their eyes. I also find the amount of laundry they create to be overwhelming! I have been married to my husband for 14 years. We are in a constant state of remodeling our house, well, I am constantly planning what he can remodel. I have always loved the arts. I have a degree in theatre and was a dance minor. Recently my love of photography has become my greatest passion. I have a small photography business. I am a family and portrait photographer. I adore creating memories for families. I love to create images that will last through generations. Capturing childhood and the unique connections of each family is my favorite part of my job. When I am not chasing my children with my camera, I am most often drinking coffee or daydreaming about owning a farm where I have a beautiful pond.