Andrea Ziarko – Candidate for North Canton City School Board of Education

A 41-year-old mother of three and lawyer in the city of North Canton is looking to voters to name her to one of the three open seats on the North Canton City School Board of Education.

Andrea Ziarko is a Hoover graduate and she and her husband currently have three children enrolled in the North Canton City School District.

Ziarko is a lawyer at a law firm downtown and despite moving around the area for a bit of time due to her husband’s position with Timken, she explained to Newsymom that they have spent most of their lives in North Canton.

Ziarko has never served an elected position, but did spend time as an appointed board member for the North Canton Public Library and currently serves on the advisory board at the North Canton YMCA.

She explained she is running for a chance to serve on the Board of Education because she wants to give back in some way.

“With my legal background and the experience on some of the boards I really felt that with the three position coming open, and we try to be very involved with the school and to me this was a way that I could be involved and give back and help out in a capacity that really fit the bill.”

Ziarko noted she is running without an agenda.

“My only agenda is to do what’s best for the students,” she said. “There’s nothing in particular, I have no political aspirations and I have no item that I’m running on other than just to serve the community and be the best advocate I can be for the children.”

She stressed that she is passionate about the entire North Canton community.

“North Canton is my home. This community is very special to me and I believe that if you vote for me that I can serve you in a way that is very transparent and community oriented. I do believe that the school board is a representation of the people.”

Citing her legal background and experience representing people, Ziarko added she has the qualifications to do the same for the school district and the community.

“It’s very dear to my heart and I believe in the school system and I want it to thrive and I want the community and the schools to collaborate and provide the best educational opportunities that we can for the children.”

She added that if elected she will be dedicated to helping the district maintain its excellent rating.

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Bruce Hunt

Jessica Stroia 

Robert P. Roden – Did not return a message seeking comment.  

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