April Beachy – Candidate for Garaway Local School Board of Education

April Beachy, a native of the area, is asking voters to support her in her first bid for the Garaway Local School Board of Education.

Beachy has been in the area most of her life with the exception of a short period when she moved away after graduating high school.

After getting married and having two children she returned to the Tuscarawas area where she has served in a county position for 18 years.

Both of her children have graduated from the Garaway Local School District.

She has served in several community-focused groups including as a member of the Buckeye JVS Tech Prep Advisory Committee and is currently the treasurer of the Music Booster Club.

Beachy told Newsymom.com that despite being the Director of Technology and focusing on IT throughout her career, she’s always had a passion for education.

“I feel like it’s very important not only for our youth but even as adults, I feel like education is important, she said.” “I feel like I have a lot to offer for working for a public entity for [nearly] 20 years. I’m very intimately familiar with the budgeting process, the rules about public records and public meetings.”

Beachy cited her technical knowledge as a critical tool in the world that is continuing to move towards more technology based education.

If elected Beachy noted her hope to make the Garaway Local School system one of the best in the state.

“We have a great community in Garaway and the people are just wonderful. We have great teachers and staff at Garaway and I just want to help it continue to grow.”

She acknowledged that while a tough issue, funding is also always top of mind and she hopes to have an opportunity to offer creative ideas to help in that area as well.

But, Beachy continued to stress her belief in education and the importance of it for everyone.

“I honestly believe that every person, adults, and children can be successes at learning if given the opportunity, the resources, and the appropriate encouragement, she said. “I’m very passionate about learning and education. I’m known for getting things done and making positive changes.”

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