Ashland County – Black River announces tentative plans for upcoming school year

(Sullivan, Ohio) – The Black River school district has announced tentative plans for students to return to class in the fall.

The district took to Facebook where they shared an updated schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. A full, written, plan for has not been released with a final vote on the plan expected this week.


The district responded to several questions by parents via the post’s comment thread:

Q – Is it a blended schedule of online and in class?

A – For grades 5 thru 12, Mon., Tues. will be in class, Wed. will be online classes and Thurs., Fri., will be back in class. Parents also have the option to opt for online learning only. Grade K-4 will go Monday through Friday. The online class will be different from last school year. The curriculum will be provided [by] Lincoln Learning.


Q – Why not just have them in school all 5 days??

A – The district has taken away the teachers’ planning period so we could reduce class sizes. Wednesday is their plan time day and a day for students to complete work given on Monday and Tuesday.


Q – If you start with online learning the first quarter can you switch back to in class learning?

A – Students may return to in class learning at semester break.

The district indicated there is no word on what the plan will be for district sports’ seasons as of now. Officials added, “at this point in time, there is no written plan. Last night (7/17) was just talking points. When we have a written plan, it will be mailed home at all parents of students attending Black River.”

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