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Confessions of a Crunchy Mom Vol 1

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a crunchy mom.  At least, that’s what people say when they hear I’m vegan, I breastfeed until my babies choose to wean, I cloth diaper, I delivered two of my three kids without an epidural, etc.  Guys, I just love farmers markets, that doesn’t make me crunchy, does it?  At least I wear deodorant and I shave my armpits…

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Family Vacation

Hello dear readers!

My family recently took our first vacation since becoming a family of five.  We went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  If you know anything about Disney World, you probably know it is a busy place.  And, if you know anything about vacationing with small children, you know it’s never boring.

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Why is my coffee always cold?

I had a particularly challenging day, yesterday.  I felt like no child of mine would listen and I was asking myself so many questions.  We all have hard days, this is what went through my head during a challenging morning…

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