Michaela Thomas

In addition to being a mother of two beautiful little girls, I am also a dedicated and passionate journalist with me than a decade of experience in the newsroom. I have a nose for news and the drive to get to the bottom of things. I am a firm believer that KNOWLEDGE truly is POWER. If you know about it then you have the ability to plan your life accordingly. The journey through parenthood is a wild one, and the world itself is crazy. Which is why I decided to create Newsymom.com. Stay informed about news affecting you and your kids and join a community of moms just trying to do their best.

An Addict’s Mother: “She’s Alive, but She Isn’t In There…”

The heroin epidemic continues to run rampant within communities across the nation. It doesn’t discriminate and it shoots to kill. But, for many the risk of jail or death isn’t enough to drop the habit. This is why the body count continues to rise. However; there may be another option for long-time users: permanent memory …

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