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Differences make us stronger. They shouldn't be feared but embraced as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Michaela Madison

Founder-Executive Director

Hi there! I am the mother of a smart, funny, gorgeous little girl named Remingtyn (nearly 2-years-old); I have a wonderful life partner who is by my side through thick and thin, Aaron, and I am a passionate journalist with a variety of experiences over the past decade in the industry.


When I had my daughter in May 2016, I began searching for a credible news organization that focused only on information directly affecting parents and kids.


I was hopeful for a resource that would represent a one-stop-shop for local news and information and events; state and national information and statistics; tips and advice for parents, activities, and milestones throughout development; and maybe even a little entertainment. I wanted the best of it all!


I found myself empty-handed and, so I was inspired to create the source I was searching for. is truly a place where moms (and dads) can get it all. I am surrounded by a team that inspires me daily and lives by our mission wholeheartedly. has evolved from an idea of a mom on maternity leave to a powerhouse in the local news and information industry that is fueled by a mission to inform, educate and entertain mothers from all walks of life. We’ve created a team made up of the mothers just like those we hope to serve.


Those of all walks of life, diverse backgrounds, religions and even parenting approaches.


We recognize and appreciate that despite our differences we can and should work together, learn from one another and even lean on each other when needed.


I hope you’ll find as useful and fun as we intend for it to be!



Sales Manager

I have a friend and we used to joke that one day we would write a book titled, “You can’t make this shit up!”


That’s basically how I feel about the life of a mom! If I had ever dreamed that my days would be filled with saying… “put your penis away,” “why is there chocolate milk on the shower ceiling,” “who pee’d in the bathtub,” them I might have re-thought becoming a mom!


Not really, but being a mother is definitely an adventure! I have three children; Delaney, who just turned sweet 16…(and whoever coined that phrase never had a hormonal teenage girl); Leland, who is seven years old; and Trevor, who is six years old.


I have a beautiful step-daughter who has made me a grandma three times over at the young old age of 45. Our family is a blend of his and hers, (our daughters)…and ours (‘our’ boys, who we adopted through foster care).


I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and to help all of you realize that at the end of the day…you can’t make this shit up!!



Public Relations Manager

Who am I? Jess, the newly drafted stay at home mom who could use some “on the job training”, in the cleaning my house department. I am so excited to get started with! I am also a procrastinator who started this biography over a month ago and trashed it because I didn’t like how the first 15 flowed together.


Who am I? Jess, the newly drafted stay at home mom who could use some “on the job training”, in the cleaning my house department. My husband and I have had 10 glorious years together<——This is sarcasm, one of my most endearing qualities, which I have undoubtedly passed onto our kids. I love being a mom.


So when Michaela asked me to join the Newsy Mom team, I was thrilled. I thought I have so much I could share; like the time our six-year-old convinced our nine-year-old to pee in the trashcan or when my two years old decided to give herself a yogurt facial.


Mostly, I want to be able to write relatable posts that make people laugh at those small little moments when I feel like I’m going to pull my hair out. I suppose those will be the moments that my kids talk about during the holidays in 20 years and everyone still laughs about.


Here is the rundown: Our oldest is nine – Kaden Dean and my husband and I have a six-year-old boy – Payton Alexander and a two-year-old girl – Presley Elizabeth. I am a stepmom to the oldest boy. I make that a point to be said, because I respect the fact that I am given the opportunity to be a parent to a life that I did not create. I think that is very important! Payton – he is one of a kind and the driving force behind most of my posts. The kid is hilarious and yeah, I am one of those moms who thinks most things their kids do is hilarious or interesting but there is also times where I tell them to go run around the house a few times because they’re driving me crazy. Presley is a wild child. She is destructive, sassy, and stubborn, but can also be the sweetest thing. Just last night she learned to climb out of her crib. She greeted me with her baby doll at 4 am to break the ice that she will now be letting herself out of bed. She also is the apple of her daddy’s eye.


Lastly, the more serious journey that I have been debating on sharing is, I am BRCA gene positive…You know like Angelina Jolie, only way less glamorous. In between baseball, diapers changes, kids schooling and being a wife, I am at doctors appointment every 3-6 months with these ticking time bombs of mine, known as breasts, getting smooshed, poked, and prodded.


My heart beats out of my chest every time the phone rings to tell me the results of my tests. I will get into that more one day but today…I want to say thank you to Michaela for opening the door for me to engage with readers in this crazy life that most of us call motherhood.


Happy Reading!



Website/Marketing Manager

Hey Everybody!

My name is Shaheedrah. I’m a wife and a mom of 4.


I work full time and after the work-day ends I put on my Wonder Woman suit and go to saving the world one meal and homework assignment at a time… HA!


No, but seriously as moms, I believe that we are a remnant of superheroes that truly save the world.


I hope and pray that when you read my posts that you can see my love for Jesus, my husband, and my amazing kids. I’m all about sharing the stories of our family that make us real. I add some encouraging thoughts and words that have gotten me through those tough day-even superheroes have hard days.


On those days it’s faith, hope, and love that gets me through. It may sound cliché, but faith is what my life is built on. I believe that God has a purpose for my life (and yours too) I approach each day with a heart full of hope and most importantly I lead with love!


All my stories, all my jokes, and all my tears begin and end with love.


I pray you are blessed by my transparency and my truths because at the end of the of the day we all need a little faith, hope, and love.




Well hey there reader! My name’s Gabby. I’m the mother-of-three and a full-time wedding photographer, born and raised in a small town in Ohio.


I married and moved away at 18, hopped around for about 5 years (California, Hawaii, North Carolina) during which time my oldest kiddos, Sophia and Ethan, came along. Five years later, I found myself single and back in Ohio. To be honest, I didn’t plan on sticking around again, but then this fool Nicholas came along and we’ve been, happily married since 2015. In 2017 we welcomed our first (and probably only) little one together, Natalie. I love to travel with our happy lil’ blended family, and we take every chance we get to see the rest of the world while making every day an adventure here at home.


Life as an entrepreneur and mom of three is kind of crazy. When wedding season is slow, I dabble in video production, along with web + graphic design. While I work at home and like to *think* I make my own hours, it’s more like fate decides for me… What’s it going to be today? Will the baby nap so I can knock out editing this engagement session? Will the oldest two come home with a pile of homework that I have to help with and scratch any hopes of sending this rendering out to a client? It’s really like playing the lottery. I write a lot about finding my balance or at least maintaining some semblance of ‘organization’ among the chaos. Sometimes there’s a heartfelt story or laugh to share, too.


In hindsight, I’m probably furthering the crazy by adding “Newsymom Contributor” to the list of the hats I wear. Ah well, start fitting me for the straight jacket now I suppose. I’m here for the ride anyways! With a little love and a lens, I might just retain some sanity.