Braves Host Mustangs in Rivalry Matchup

A rivalry game that Indian Valley has statistically dominated over the last five years takes the field tonight.

Indian Valley has taken the victory in three of the last four matchups butt, it was the Mustangs that shut out the Braves in 2016, 29-0.

The Claymont Mustangs will look for their second consecutive win over the Indian Valley Braves tonight at Kelly Field in Midvale.

But the rivalry that’s been around for decades means more than just the numbers on the scoreboard after the last play.

Indian Valley Superintendent Ira Wentworth explained the rivalry game offers so much to both communities.

“It just builds special memories,” he said. “These are the things that in 10, 20, 30 years or more you’ll look back on and you’ll remember the big Week 10 game against Claymont and you’ll develop your own war stories from that.”

And while he’ll be sitting on the opposite side of the stadium, Claymont Superintendent, John Rocchi agrees the rivalry game creates memories that last a lifetime.

“I think bringing people everybody together for an evening, and really a weeklong set of activities within the schools is really positive.”

Both Rocchi and Wentworth recognized the dedication of the student-athletes and the coaches and touted their strong records.

It’s sure to be a tough matchup for both teams with the Braves taking the field at 9-0 and the Mustangs not far behind at 8-1.

A victory for Claymont would secure them a spot in the playoffs. The Braves are already in, but a win tonight could mean they’ll return to Kelly field for the first game of the postseason.

And as for the prediction of who will take home the W, Superintendent Wentworth explained, “I think the Braves will come out on top.”

But, the district leaders share that sense of confidence.

The game tonight kicks off at 7:00 p.m. at Kelly field in Midvale.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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