Brenda Ramsey-L’Amoreaux – Incumbent Candidate for Louisville City School Board of Education

Brenda Ramsey-L’Amoreaux is one of two incumbents seeking reelection with the Louisville City School Board.

The 44-year-old explained to that she is a life-long resident of Louisville, born and raised in the city.

After graduating from Louisville High School Ramsey-L’Amoreaux went on to attend The Oho State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

After returning to Louisville, she was married, started a veterinary business and had two children who are currently attending Louisville City Schools.

Ramsey-L’Amoreaux added she also has 10 nieces and nephews in the district and noted all her siblings and her parents live and work in the city.

Five years ago, Ramsey-L’Amoreaux was appointed to the Board of Education and reelected the following year, giving her five years of experience serving the district as a board member.

Ramsey-L’Amoreaux currently serves as a member of the Finance Committee and is also a founding board member of the district’s Safety Committee.

She explained the latter, “Pairs all the building administration as well as police and fire from the township and city and is basically about communication. It helps communicate and advocate for student safety.”

Ramsey-L’Amoreaux explained that she’s interested in remaining a member of the board because she is one of the most qualified to do so.

 “I believe our current board of education is the best qualified to move this district ahead despite a labor dispute last year.”

In terms of agenda items, Ramsey-L’Amoreaux pointed to fiscal responsibility as being her number one priority, closely followed by a need for more transparency.

“The current thought in Louisville is the board isn’t transparent enough in their decision-making process,” said Ramsey-L’Amoreaux. “So, we may need to concentrate a little more on our transparency; although that was one of the items that we identified three years ago in our strategic plan.”

Next, Ramsey-L’Amoreaux explained that school safety remains a critical piece of her agenda.

“Every day it seems like you hear of a school safety issue and it’s such a profoundly important topic,” noted Ramsey-L’Amoreaux. “Our kids are away from home and the parents trust our teachers and staff and resource officers with the care of their kids for seven hours a day so, obviously we take that trust very seriously. We’re always looking for new ways with our partners to increase staff training and drills and student training and just making sure all of our efforts are coordinated.”

She asked that voters consider her this election.

“First and foremost, I’m a parent, I’m a taxpayer, I’m a business owner, I’m a life-long resident and I’ve been serving you for five years.”

If elected, Ramsey-L’Amoreaux ensured the community she would work diligently to continue making the best decisions for the district and putting kids first.

Michaela Madison Reporting



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