Bruce Hunt – Candidate for North Canton City School Board of Education

An incumbent candidate is hoping voters choose him to fill one of three open spots on the North Canton City School Board of Education.

Bruce Hunt is nearing the end of his first term on the board where he’s served the last two as Board President.

The 52-year-old holds an Education B.A. from Mount Union College and an M.A. from Kent State University.

He explained he spent five years teaching and coaching varsity football and the last 25 years of his career in the business world.

Hunt and his wife have two children, one who graduated from Hoover High School and the other currently attending Hoover High School.

He explained to that he feels he brings a unique experience that can help the district thrive.

“I’ve been in the classroom so I can manage the soft people issues that we have but also the hard financial issues, I can fall somewhere in the middle and I have the skill set that, having done both, gives me a perspective that a lot of folks don’t have.”

As for a reason for running for a second term, Hunt noted his desire to help others.

“[I] always had a desire to make a difference in the lives of the young people and to have a positive impact on our community and I just felt this was another way to serve the North Canton area.”

While he didn’t detail specific agenda items, Hunt asked that voters consider the many administrative changes he has seen the district through over the last four years.

During his term, the North Canton City School District replaced a Superintendent, an Assistant Superintendent, a High School Principal and an Athletic Director.

“I’d like to think I helped guide us through that and we’re in a great position now and have one of the best superintendents in Stark County if not the best and he’s built a great staff around him,” said Hunt. “[I’m] really proud of where we’ve come in the last four years.”

He also cited the district’s most recent state report card ratings that list the North Canton City School District in the top 3% in the state and number one in Stark County.

Hunt added his hope if reelected, is to simply continue to build on what they’ve done so far and look ahead to new potential projects.

“We’re looking at doing a building project, we have a levy on the ballot this fall,” he explained. “So, we’re hoping that passes, if it does we’ll spend the first year planning and the next two or three years of my term building buildings, hopefully.”

He stressed that it’s been an honor to serve the community over the past four years.

“I feel like we’ve been through a lot together in the last four and we’ve come out of it a stronger district and a stronger community and I look forward, if it is their will, to serve them for another four.”

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Robert P. Roden – Did not return a message seeking comment. 

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