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Safe sleep academy is now available to parents for free

(Akron, Ohio) – Akron Children’s Hospital and the Molly Ann Gries Foundation have partnered to create a free online training program to educate parents and caregivers about best practices related to infant safe sleep habits.

Challenging behaviors in early childhood – Cracking the meltdown code

Why is my child acting like this? The tantrums or meltdowns that come from nowhere, being afraid to say no or change plans. There are often many challenging behaviors in early childhood.

Program offers remote learning help to Ohio’s special needs children

(Ohio) – The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on everyone, but those facing additional challenges for special needs children.

Some are calling for a stimulus check for moms

(U.S.) As there continues to be a focus by the Biden administration on ensuring economic stimulus support makes it to the most vulnerable groups, a new movement is highlighting the needs of mothers.

State group pushes funding focused on Ohio’s children

(Ohio) – The Ohio Children’s Budget Coalition recently released reports pushing for major needs they see within the state designed to support children.

Experts advise against pregnant women receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

(U.S.) – The World Health Organization (WHO) advised against pregnant women receiving Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in a recent report.