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Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger

I’m passionate about motherhood. I am so thankful for the small group of authentic friends I have formulated over the years because being a parent is hard. I feel like that is something society can agree on as a whole. In this day in age where the stereotypical mom, dad, sister, brother is being challenged it …

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The Tale of Four Keurigs

We all have our routines. The things we do that keeps us going in the mornings. You don’t realize it until that routine becomes somewhat unavailable…

Children of Divorce & Step-Parenting: A Statistical Letter to Blended Families

The late Judith S. Wallerstein changed the way we perceived how divorce affected children when she began a study in 1971 of 131 children from 60 divorced families and followed those children for the next 25 years.

29 Things I’ve Learned At Age 29 

Be Human. 

We sat down as a family tonight. We ate dinner. I watched in what seemed like slow motion.

This Isn’t Your Disney. It’s Ours. 

As I was standing in the shower this evening, winning numerous imaginary arguments, a thought passed through my mind.

2018 The Year of Self Awareness

Almost every year on New Year’s Eve when I was young, my cousins and I would spend the evening making homemade pizza or cookies with my grandma. She would sit us up on the counter and let us pour ingredients into the mixer bowl. I have many memories like this locked away in storage. Days, events, …

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Silver Lining 

I am a huge advocate of silver linings, situations that arise are never by chance. Whether you believe in Jesus, the universe, karma or good vibes – we all have our own thoughts.

Parental Involvement Day

They pretty much have a day made for everything, today is Parental Involvement Day. I’m not sure who “they” are or who makes up these nationally recognized days but this is one, I for sure can get behind.

For Better and For Worse – I Meant It. 

I feel it! Down deep in the center of my chest, then the arches of my feet start to thump and I fight the acid from rising up to my throat.

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