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The Golden Penny

Muscles that feel they could give out at any moment. Eyelids that weigh more than the small human you continuously have to cart around because she’s going through a ‘phase.’ A mind that wanders and can become lost in any split second due to pure exhaustion.

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Why is my coffee always cold?

I had a particularly challenging day, yesterday.  I felt like no child of mine would listen and I was asking myself so many questions.  We all have hard days, this is what went through my head during a challenging morning…

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This Is Not The America I Grew Up In 

Our six-year-old says “I did a red door drill today. I know what to do if a bad person comes in my school.”

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Moms on a Mission: Why We Care So Much

Every waking moment, Moms work hard to meet the demands of our families and our professions.

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Kid Conversations: Smile Challenge 

With everything that’s going on in the world today, let’s take a moment to enjoy the humor and innocence of these hilarious kids. 

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2017 Midvale Miners Festival Baby Contest

The Cutest Baby Contest at the Midvale Miners Festival was a success and we couldn’t have done it without you!

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The Day I Try to Forget: A Mothers Confession to Perfect Moms. WE ALL FAIL SOMETIMES. 

I ran back up and screamed…


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