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Learning to dance with grief and joy

Everyone tells you what to do when you come home with your baby. But no one tells you what to do when you don’t.

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Children In Competitive Sports – Be A Parent First

Our weekends are full of sports. If we aren’t attending our own children’s sports we are most likely fighting the weather in one way shape or form watching our nephews. The kids were able to play baseball together this summer and their dads coached the teams. Once they moved in to the All-Star teams the whole dynamic changed. We went from family hangouts to listening to belligerent parents, sometimes coaches, and every so often we’d see a kid lose his/her cool on the field. My heart hurt for those children, so passionate about their sport. Feeling every ounce of their loss in their bones, sometimes bringing them to tears.

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Losing a Limb

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, my last living grandparent died and with her went an entire limb of my family tree. I’ve been struggling with the impact of losing my grandmother, which is a mixture of grief, regret, fear of mortality, and gratitude. Read more

I still choose you

Our 16-month-old son AJ is into literally everything these days.

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Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

We sent you off to your first day of preschool today and watched your pony tail swing. I reminisced when you were growing in my belly and I was scared to death. I thought about that first time I walked into a store while still pregnant to buy you clothes and walked right back out because there was too much to choose from. I wasn’t sure if you were a girl or boy at the time but something inside of me just knew.

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Buried in Stuff

Two of the most basic responsibilities that parents have are to provide for their children’s needs and protect them. What if, though, in our efforts to provide for our kids, we are putting them and their future in irreversible peril? Read more

Closing Chapters, Not Books

I will never forget the first time I saw those 2 pink lines on a pregnancy test.

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10 Tips for Single Moms

Yes, yes….. That is my 3-year-old daughter yelling,  screaming and throwing a fit while I’m trying to check out at the store.   Read more

Loving My “Pooch”

It’s amazing what pregnancy can do to a woman’s confidence.

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A Greater Purpose

For so many years growing up I had a deep hatred for my boobs.

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