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The Scary Side of Heritage

We as a family had just lost my aunt to cancer. She realistically was my cousin, but if you grew up in an Italian family with a bunch of cousins that are old enough to be your parents – congratulations, they are now your aunt or uncle. It’s a sign of respect.

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Mom to Mom – Holiday Stress Tips

The sparkle in the eye of a child at Christmas time doesn’t come without the sweat on the brow of the parent.

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The Holidays with my Son behind Bars.

How will I survive without my son? My heart was so broken. I missed him so much.

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A little encouragement goes a long way

Please excuse how tired I look! I’m sleepy lol…

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving

Full disclosure: I don’t remember much about the last eight weeks. Read more

Meet Crystal!

The family has grown a bit larger! Everyone, meet Crystal!

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Women Helping Women

As I was sitting in the waiting area among a group of other moms waiting for class to end, something really cool happened…

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Vote Like Your Children’s Lives Depend On It

Parents worry incessantly about our children’s future. We want them to eat well so they can grow into strong, healthy adults. We implore them to excel in school so that they can go to college and find a career that will leave them financially stable. We provide emotional support so that they can can live long, happy lives well after they’ve left our homes. The vast majority of parents are bending over backwards to ensure that our children’s future is better than our own. Read more

As a Mother, Issue One Terrifies Me

Here is why I’m voting NO!

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What You Can Do…..

Every once and again I step back when I feel overwhelmed and look at the things I can do and focus less on what I cannot do…

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