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Life in Boxes

“Just like we were never here,” I mused as I stood in the empty living room. I bit my lip, trying to hold back the nostalgic tears that were predictably on their way.

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Vote Like Your Children’s Lives Depend On It

Parents worry incessantly about our children’s future. We want them to eat well so they can grow into strong, healthy adults. We implore them to excel in school so that they can go to college and find a career that will leave them financially stable. We provide emotional support so that they can can live long, happy lives well after they’ve left our homes. The vast majority of parents are bending over backwards to ensure that our children’s future is better than our own. Read more

Losing a Limb

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, my last living grandparent died and with her went an entire limb of my family tree. I’ve been struggling with the impact of losing my grandmother, which is a mixture of grief, regret, fear of mortality, and gratitude. Read more

Buried in Stuff

Two of the most basic responsibilities that parents have are to provide for their children’s needs and protect them. What if, though, in our efforts to provide for our kids, we are putting them and their future in irreversible peril? Read more

I Love You Anyway

Earlier this month I attended my cousin Emily’s wedding. The event was special in a multitude of ways, but the phrase that has been echoing in my head ever since is one spoken by my Uncle Jack, one of the wisest men I know: I love you anyway.

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Let Her Run, Throw, Kick, Shoot, and Hit Like a Girl

“You’re the only girl on your team,” my Lucia hears frequently. “Does it bother you?” I ask just as frequently. “I’m used to it,” she responds with her now, toothless grin. Read more

Kids These Days

Of all the clichés my students rely upon in their essays, the “kids these days” fallacy has got to be the most frequent. It is especially amusing coming from my 18-20-year-old students as they opine for the magical “good old days.” Read more

It IS Parents’ Fault

As I walked my children to the bus stop today, it occurred to me that putting them on that bus and sending them to school has become an act of courage. In the wake of every new school shooting, terror grips my heart as I grieve for the children and teachers who lost their lives and wonder if my children and their classmates are next. Read more

A Look in the Mirror

“Whites only! White Power!” were the chants coming from a child at a pool party my family attended this summer. I immediately turned to chastise the young boy who was shouting it and noticed that while the other boys were not participating, they were not stopping it either. Then I looked down. Read more

My Mother’s Daughter: A Multi-Generational Love Letter

I will never forget when the ultrasound tech spoke the fateful words: It’s a girl. As the wand moved over my abdomen, my heart pumped out of my chest. I was not at all surprised, but I burst into tears just the same.
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