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It’s Been A While……

So there has been so much swirling in my life lately from work to school, to the kids, marriage, ministry, family.. etc… basically everything and the dishwasher.

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A little encouragement goes a long way

Please excuse how tired I look! I’m sleepy lol…

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What You Can Do…..

Every once and again I step back when I feel overwhelmed and look at the things I can do and focus less on what I cannot do…

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Keep Your Checklists in Order

While the hustle of the day is fading, work, more work and then football. then grocery shopping, then dinner that I didn’t cook. I sat down and reminded myself. I have to keep my checklists in order. Sometimes as moms we make checklists to keep us on track and nothing on them gets done, well maybe one or two things. I recently laughed at all the post-it note checklists in my purse of things from the week that went from reminders to checklists. I’ll admit some of them didn’t get done. LOL

I had to laugh at myself and say “you need to keep your checklists in order” so I just wanted to share what I have started doing this week that I think will help keep our priorities at the forefront of our checklists and help settle the noise of perfection. Perfection is not the ultimate goal, balance, and peace is the goal. Having a balanced life is incomparable and having peace is immeasurable. Remember that, no matter how old your kids are or how blended you may be, balance and peace goes a long way. Checklists can be great but if they do not bring you balance and peace then what good are they.

  1. Deadline dates, the difference between you completing a task and not completing it is how well you stay on task. Deadlines keep you on task.
  2. Put each list in the order of which you want it done. Prioritization is important, not just in your mind but in your written thoughts as well.
  3. Check them off. Seems like a no-brainer but think about it, if you check the items off your grocery list you don’t leave the store without anything. Same with your tasks, check them off.
  4. Look at them after you make them, it’s so easy to make a checklist at one point in the day then by the end of the day forget about it and never look at it again. I have started stapling them together lol..

Those are simple things that every once and a while we just need a reminder to keep us on task. Especially if you are feeling like things are hectic and you can never catch a break…  Be blessed mommas, may your coffee be strong and your checklists are in order!

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Do The Work

Hey mommas, I’m back! I am proud to announce I am Red Bull free!

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Two Funerals and a Fire

So the past few weeks have been quite an eye-opening time for me as a mother, friend, granddaughter and even as a wife.

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Change your hair, Change your life

“They,” say a woman who cuts her hair is ready to change her life.

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A Letter to Myself

Hi Mommas!!!!! Ok so I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been working and working. But I wanted to take a moment to write a letter to myself.

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It’s Just One of Those Days

It’s a Monday in every sense of the word.

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Grace IS Enough


They cannot see my heart beats, but each beat is for them.-Grace IS Enough

You name it, sugar, flour, popcorn, fruit snacks, granola bars and then some all on the floor at the same time, and not because I don’t clean my house but because the twins have turned a page in their development where they like to eat and they raid the kitchen now. The condiments (sugar and flour) are for recreational play time the others are for them to take with them as they watch movies all over the house.

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