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Healthy Tip Tuesday: Constipation in Children

What’s normal for your child may be different from what’s normal for another child.

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Building Your Child’s Brain

Experts with Akron Children’s Hospital are sharing valuable tips on how parents and guardians can positively impact the growth of a child’s brain.

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Choosing Child Care: What to Know and What to Look For   

The American Academy of Pediatrics is offering a few tips when choosing a child care provider for your child.

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10 Tips for Single Moms

Yes, yes….. That is my 3-year-old daughter yelling,  screaming and throwing a fit while I’m trying to check out at the store.   Read more

Back to School Tips on Getting the Year Off to a Good Start

With school back in full swing, the American Academy of Pediatrics is issuing a few healthy and safety reminders.

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Understanding Depression

Depression is a common illness affecting about 15 million people, including children.

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Secrets to Avoiding a Picky Eater

Your child may actually like the food they spit out…

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10 Ways to Increase Activity with Your Kids

You know being active is important for you and your kids, but how can you squeeze it into your schedule and make it fun?

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Protecting Your Kids from the Sun’s Harmful Rays

Are you taking all the right steps to protect your children from the sun?

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Health Department Shares Information to Prevent Perinatal Hepatitis B Transmission in High Risk Infants

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The Tuscarawas County Health Department is working to bring awareness to Hepatitis B transmission from mother to baby.

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