Celebrating AMAZING Moms-Newsymom Mother’s Day Giveaway

Melinda Shroyer has been nominated as an AMAZING mom! “I met this lady 5 years ago when both of our oldest boys switched to IV in first grade. Melinda was blessed with 2 boys Ethan and Colin. She has devoted her whole world to those boys making sure they never even for a moment think they can’t be whatever they want to be.”

“Her youngest Colin is autistic and has over came so many things doctors told her he never would be able to do and it’s all because she will do whatever it takes to give him every resource she can she has given up a lot of date nights out with friends just to stay in with Colin all the while making sure her other son Ethan is never left out and get to experience so many things she makes date nights with just Ethan and her to be sure he gets her full attention knowing sometimes at home or at special events Colin may need a little more of her. This woman was a stranger to me and my family 5 years ago and in just 5 short years she has become someone I look up to and the Mom I strive to be for my children. She is the most selfless women I’ve ever met and always has something special planned for her boys her love and dedication shows through the personality of both boys and she deserves to be recognized for everything she has done and continues to do.” – Brittany 

Throughout the next few weeks, we are recognizing amazing moms as part of our Mother’s Day Giveaway, that includes a prize pack worth over $450!

Send your entries to contributor@newsymom.com or by commenting on our Facebook page!

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