Considering Artificial Grass? Make Sure To Avoid These Mistakes

Some people are obsessed with the grass and their lawns. They spend hours mowing it, pulling out weeds, and treating it so it always looks perfect.

But if you have a busy family life, you don’t have time for all of that. You could either leave your lawn to do its own thing or you could take the much easier route and get some artificial grass put in. 

Artificial grass is perfect because it always looks amazing and you only need to put minimal work in. Unfortunately, a lot of people make basic mistakes when choosing, installing, and maintaining their artificial grass so they don’t end up with the beautiful garden they were hoping for. If you are considering artificial grass for your garden, make sure you avoid these big mistakes. 

Choosing The Cheap Option

There are a lot of different types of artificial grass out there and the prices range a lot. If you’re wondering how long will artificial grass last, it usually comes down to the quality of the materials that are used to make it. If you go for cheap options, they will be made from cheap materials that are more likely to degrade. If the backing comes away from the top layer with the blades, your grass won’t last much longer. The blades themselves can also come away if they are not made with durable materials too. So, think of your new lawn as an investment and be prepared to pay a bit more for good-quality artificial grass. 

Not Considering Drainage

Drainage is very important in the garden and it is easier with artificial grass because it drains more easily than real grass. However, you need to consider the drainage in your garden when choosing artificial grass. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and your garden is prone to holding a lot of water, look for options with a good backing that allows water to run off easily. This is especially important if your garden is sloped and collects a lot of water at one end. 

Not Preparing The Surface Before Laying 

If you want your lawn to look perfect, you need to get the installation right. Before you put any turf down, it’s crucial that you prepare the surface properly, but some people rush this step. The problem is, any bumps under the surface will show up and your lawn will look awful. So, make sure that you prepare the ground properly and remove any bumps, and then lay the base layer properly before adding the top layer of turf. 

Forgetting The Weed Membrane

You’re putting artificial grass in because you don’t want to deal with jobs like weeding. But weeds will still grow from the ground underneath, so you need to put measures in place to stop them. Laying down a weed membrane before you put the artificial grass down is absolutely crucial or the weeds will start growing through your lawn. 

Artificial grass can make life so much easier for you but if you make these mistakes, you will end up with a terrible lawn that still requires a lot of work.

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