I Hope…

Natalie… I know your big sister has figured it out by now, but you should know, too, that I’m not

“Happy Hour”

Drink during it. Sit during it. Read a book during it. Do you, Mama!

To my sons stepmom:

“I tried my best to find words for you. I just couldn’t. But I found this, and it’s as if

‘Twas the Night Before School…

‘Twas the night before school and all through the house…

Mommin’ Aint Easy…

I’m new to this whole mom life thing and it’s hard.

My Son Was Diagnosed with Dangerous Mosquito-Borne Virus

My child is home, but my child is different…

Getting STEAMed Up For Play!

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – In early 2017, a new nonprofit launched with a goal to bring more children’s activities to

Mother Turns Tragedy into Hope

I am the mother of three children. Jonathan is 23, Abi is 27 and Zachary would be 36. Zachary lives

Newsymom Partner is Featured on Facebook Series

At we are proud to partner with a Canton Police officer who continues to go above and beyond to

Do The Work

Hey mommas, I’m back! I am proud to announce I am Red Bull free!

Be A Better Me Foundation

You may be asking, what exactly is the Be A Better Me Foundation?

Tears of Gratitude

Well, it happened again today. I left my child’s preschool gripping her tightly in my arms, with tears filling my

Accessibility: What About Me?

Recently we attended an event that was amazing; the girls had a blast and enjoyed many fun activities. Unfortunately, there

Sneaky Green Smoothie

Hello Readers! If you read my last post, I discussed different ways I get my kids to eat healthy foods. 


Poop 💩 literally poop is what my life is revolving around!!!!

That WAHM Struggle

So, here’s a truth for you. It’s 6:30 in the evening, and I’m still wearing what I wore yesterday (which

My Child’s Innocence: A Mother’s Raw Emotions Following the Parkland, Florida School Shooting

Why am I going to be forced to take my child’s innocence away?

How I get My Kids to Eat Their Veggies!

So many times I have parents ask me how I get my children to eat fruits and veggies every day…well, I

The Public Assistance Side of Tuscarawas County

There is a fallacy that has bred among communities regarding public assistance.

Write Your Narrative

In the fall of 2008, at the fresh age of eighteen, I found out I was pregnant.

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