Cut the Corporate Noose

I had been with ” Corporate America” for almost two decades. The last decade I spent with a company that I really didn’t agree with all too much…

Stressed businesswoman
Silhouette of stressed businesswoman in the office.

I was a middle management employee, I had ” better” hours than my employees, the pay was fantastic & the benefits were absolutely amazing…but I hated every second of every day for 10 whole years…sound familiar??!!

My friends & family thought I was nuts! Why would you hate this job? Why would u ever consider leaving? They didn’t understand the absolute urge I had to walk off a very tall building ever time I stepped foot in those doors. I would literally think of reasons to “call off” while I was getting ready for the day, I had already used most of the reasons before so towards the end, I didn’t give a reason, just I won’t be in today.

What I was doing was damaging to not only myself but the company & of course my family. Ahhh my wonderful wife & beautiful daughter took the brunt of all my pent up aggression towards the said company. I wasn’t myself & surely not the best wife & mother around. Then one day I woke up, after a wonderful nights sleep, called my wife & said today is the day.


She, of course, was amazing & so supportive. She made a third of what I made, WTH was I thinking??

She assured me that we COULD & WOULD make it work, bc we both needed & wanted this more than anything. So that Friday morning I walked into work & said hello & goodbye to all of my employees & peers.

I tidied up a few things that I would need, sent a resignation to HR, and walked out the back door…scared to fucking death!

What did I just do, my family is going to be living with my parents in 6 months, we’re going to lose everything we had, those thoughts went on for an exact 2 months.

We paid bills, did our normal weekly routine, we grocery shopped on a budget, we took the baby to the dr for her 9-month checkup, we had the dogs groomed & my wife had her hair cut…and we STILL had money from my wife’s check left over to save!!! Wait, what just happened?

Yes, we managed to live on 1/3 of what we “had” been making and were doing JUST FINE! How is that possible??? 4 things:

  1. We lived within our means. We didn’t eat out as much as we used to, we bought only the groceries that were needed weekly, we cut out extra expenses that were unnecessary to our family.
  2. I picked up a paper route in the mornings that brought in just over 200 a week. It takes me exactly 1 hr to do every day & I take the baby with me ( she sleeps on the ride) it’s not a ton of money but it helps with gas & groceries for the week.
  3. My wife started detailing cars years ago for family & friends, so she decided to get a little more serious about it & advertised it on social media. She got a flood of people that wanted their cars detailed & subsequently we had TIME now to do them! We do them when the baby is napping and it brings in some extra money for hobbies or family vacations!
  4. I went to a friend and asked her about blogging, she helped me set up a website & get the ball rolling. She guided me along the way to pursue MY dream of writing and now HERE I AM!!! wow, I’m so overwhelmed & overjoyed to be here!

The point to all of this is, do NOT feel strangled by the corporate noose. “They” make you feel like you will never make it without them.

And I am here to say SCREW YOU for making me & you feel that way. We ARE making it, happily, in fact, my career independence has been the best thing that has happened to our family…it can be yours too! Follow your dreams & remember ” you have to get through the rain to get to the rainbow”

<3 Kandi

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