Dover Hosts New Philadelphia in 114th Rivalry Matchup

The 6-3 Dover Tornadoes will welcome the 8-1 New Philadelphia Quakers to Crater Stadium Friday (October 27th) in another matchup of the third longest rivalry in the state of Ohio.

This will be the 114th meeting in the long-standing rivalry that has rotated victors over the last five years

Dover is looking for their second consecutive win after clinching a 2016 victory of 24-21 in overtime.

Since 1990, Dover holds the edge with a record of 21-7.

But, the rivalry action and excitement spreads far outside the lines on the football field.

Dover Superintendent, Carla Birney, told the best part of Dover-Phila week is that it offers an opportunity for the school district to share the traditions and history with students and the community.

“I love it that parents will post pictures or have pictures of themselves in their football uniforms or cheerleading or band uniforms,” explained Birney. “And they’re able to talk to their own kids or their grandkids about their time during Dover-Phila week and the things that they did or the memories that they have.”

New Philadelphia Superintendent, David Brand, added that the culture is great throughout the entire community.

“It’s an amazing show of just community support and unity,” he explained. “And it’s a great rivalry because both teams always do really well.”

This game not only represents a chance for students and community members to take bragging rights, but it’s also for playoff spots and the ECOL title.

“It’s an experience like no other,” added Brand. “It’s a very special experience and one that will have memories for them for many years. It is a great way for our community to rally around the school and rally around each other.”

Superintendent Birney agreed that the anticipation of the game is definitely felt community-wide.

“The community is in our schools and in our stadium and interacting with our kids, whether it’s people who have children or grandchildren in schools or just community members,” she explained. “It really is a great week.”

But despite the district leaders agreeing about how special the community involvement and the longstanding traditions truly are, they aren’t quite on the same page when it comes to a victor.

Superintendent Brand said, “There’s only one choice in that one. New Phila of course.”

While it’s safe to say, Superintendent Birney is confident the Tornadoes will head home with a ‘W’.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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