Fair Safety: Remember to Take a Photo

(Dover, Ohio) – The Tuscarawas County Sheriff is asking parents to take an extra step to be proactive should they become separated from their child.

Take a picture. Sheriff Orvis Campbell is asking parents and guardians to snap a photo of their children as they enter the fairgrounds this week in Dover. He explains that this simple step can make a big difference in the case a child gets separated from adults. “Parents are under very high stress when their children are missing or wander off” he says. “Often, due to the stress, they cant accurately describe what the missing child is wearing when we need it. We are asking parents with cell phones to take pictures of their children as they are dressed when they come to the fair.”

Sheriff Campbell notes that as many as 12-20 children end up separated from their guardians at the Tuscarawas County Fair each year, but says they are usually only separated for a short time before they are located. He offered a few more tips to ensure your family has a fun and safe time at the fair.

• Place a piece of paper in children’s pockets with a parent’s name and phone number in case you become separated. “This makes it easier for law enforcement to contact you if your child is located,” explains Campbell.
• Have a meeting area for children who are old enough to walk with a friend and meet there at scheduled times.
• If children are old enough to be on their own make sure they walk around with a friend and aren’t alone.
• Watch your children when around the animals. Ask before petting most of the livestock to see if it is safe.

Sheriff Campbell asks the public to remember the Sheriff’s Office has a building directly behind the grand stand and he and Deputies and are walking around. “We are there to help if you have any problems.”

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