HealthyTusc Set to Begin Updated Community Health Assessment

In 2015, the HealthyTusc coalition embarked on an unprecedented collaboration between Tuscarawas County agencies and organizations to develop the first-ever collective Community Health Assessment for Tuscarawas County.

boy-746520_640At that time, 527 Tuscarawas County adults and 393 youth participated.

The final report was funded by eight local agencies and commissioned by 22 different organizations and allowed for the identification and analyzation of Tuscarawas County’s health programs, needs, and assets as well as resources that would address priority needs, according to coalition officials.

Officials add the benefits of the assessment include allowing for the establishment of priorities based on data, information that can be used to bring funding to the County to address health needs and gaps, and guide future policy and programming.

Data Summary from the 2015 report:

 14% of Tuscarawas County adults were without healthcare coverage

 In 2015, 12% of Tuscarawas County adults had been diagnosed with cancer at

some time in their life

 In 2015, 6% of Tuscarawas County adults had survived a heart attack

 73% of Tuscarawas County adults are overweight or obese

 16% of Tuscarawas County youth are obese

 14% of Tuscarawas County adults are tobacco users

 65% of youth age 17 and older have had at least one alcoholic drink in their life

 16% of Tuscarawas County youth in grades 6-12 had seriously considered

suicide in 2015.

 25% of Tuscarawas County youth had been involved in a physical fight in 2015

Officials went on to say in a press release issued by the Tuscarawas County Health Department that it is essential that data be continually updated and trends established and thus

HealthyTusc will once again be contracting with the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio

to re-administer the health survey to Tuscarawas County adults and youth in spring of

  1. The total cost of the assessment will be approximately $55,000.00.

HealthyTusc is looking for financial partners to help make this report possible. If you are interested in learning more or participating in the next assessment process please contact Katie Seward at or (330) 343-5555 x164.

The complete 2015 Tuscarawas County Community Health Assessment can be viewed here.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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