Jessica Stroia – Candidate for North Canton City School Board of Education

A lifelong resident of North Canton is looking for voter support in the upcoming school board race.

Jessica Stroia explained to that first and foremost she is a parent and has lived in North Canton all her life.

Stroia is married with a son that attends kindergarten at Claremont Elementary, where she noted both she and her husband attended and her mother also taught at for 19 years.

Her mother continues to work for the North Canton School District and her father is a retired educator from the district and her father-in-law a retired North Canton coach.

“Our heart is in North Canton,” Stroia explained. “It’s where we want to see our son graduate from and hopefully return someday.”

While Strola has never served in an elected position she explained she is a current member of the North Canton Zoning and Building Board of Appeals, a position appointed by the Mayor.

If elected, she explained finances are top of mind.

“Making sure our district is financially stable. Going about making sure that we make fiscally responsible decisions.”

Another item on her agenda is to ensure that the North Canton staff receives competitive wages that will keep them committed to the district. She noted many are currently on pay freezes and she hopes to have an opportunity to capitalize on upcoming contract negotiations.

“I want to make sure that we can make our budget allowing them to have a competitive salary, said Stroia. “They have an immense amount of hard work under their belts that they have done in making our district only national ranked, but also our sports teams are nationally ranked. We have amazing staff members from top to bottom that work hard.”

She encouraged the community to participate in the election on November 7th.

“I know that many people want to have an opinion and in order to do so, get out there and vote. I truly hope that everybody goes out and votes where their heart is,” Stroia added. “I would never tell somebody how to vote, but I would love it if they would vote for me for school board.”

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