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This site has been live since September 5th, 2016.

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU! I am so happy to see that there are other moms out there interested in keeping up with the world around them. After all, we did bring small people into this crazy place. Well with that, it likely comes as no surprise, I too am a mom. I have been blessed with a beautiful little girl, Remingtyn Lanay.



The journey through parenthood is a wild one isn’t it? From celebrating poopy diapers to literally crying over spilled milk! I’m sure you’re with me when I say that my eyes have been opened wider than ever before since changing my name to momma. (Of course that’s a metaphor because we all know it feels more like a ton of bricks sitting on our eye lids most days). But, seriously…what’s up with this world? It seems like every day there is something new to be worried about. And that leads to why I decided to create this resource.

In addition to being a mother, I am also a dedicated and passionate journalist with nearly 10 years of experience under my belt. I have a nose for news and the drive to get the bottom of things. My career has taken me through multiple mediums including both print and broadcast. I’ve anchored on several local radio stations, hosted news-talk shows, appeared in T.V. commercials and even produced in depth documentaries and special series on hard hitting news topics. I am a firm believe that KNOWLEDGE truly is POWER. If you know about it then you have the ability to plan your life accordingly.

Now, (while I strongly believe that mom-powers are a real thing) being informed and aware about what’s happening in society unfortunately doesn’t give you a superpower that stops you from ever making the wrong choice. It does; however allow you to head out each and every day with a better idea of what you’re walking into. I hope to create a powerful team of women dedicated to staying informed and aware of what’s happening so we can all better teach and prepare our kids.

What’s the latest crazy virus floating around out there? How can you help your kid chill out? And how can you teach your child to ‘politely’ tell that bully to “shove it?” This will be a one-stop-shop for you newsy moms out there. Each and every day I will cover a new topic that’s on the mind of us mothers and I’ll bring the experts right to you. And what’s a mom blog without a little mom humor? Don’t forget to check out my daily Momfession about real life situations that cause moms to temporarily question their sanity!

I hope you stick around! You have my word that if ( and hopefully when) you join my email list you WILL NOT be spammed. That stuff is annoying and wasted words. Instead you’ll only receive emails when there’s new…news. Just a quick reminder to check it out.

Thanks for taking a second to get to know me!

❤ Michaela





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