Mentor Mondays – Community Feature

(3 Minute Read) Dover, Ohio – Every year the Outreach Walleye Club provides an amazing and fun event to Big Brothers Big Sisters community-based matches.

Bigs and Littles get the opportunity to go fishing on a pontoon boat out on Atwood Lake. The club provides a brand new fishing pole to all BBBS Littles who attend the event along with their own tackle. The club members take groups of matches on their own boats and go to different spots on the lake, as they all have their favorite spots for catching the most fish.

The club members help Littles with using tackle, casting, reeling in, and the all-important task of taking the fish off the hook. BBBS officials explain that they’ve had many Littles attend who are new to fishing and this opportunity helps them be open to trying new things like holding a fish and making sure you don’t hook anyone when you cast.

Additionally, they also have other Littles who are great fishermen and women who are able to learn leadership skills as they help others fish. The club also provides breakfast and lunch for everyone who attends. Club members work hard to make sure the children on their boats catch fish and at the end of the day the boy and girl who catch the most receive bicycles!

The Outreach Walleye Club pays for every expense and all the BBBS staff and matches have to do is show up. The Outreach Walleye Club has been a BBBS partner for over 20 years. This event is a priceless time for matches to share and learn together and BBBS officials note they couldn’t provide such a wonderful outing without the Club.

The Outreach Walleye Club was presented with a 2020 Above and Beyond Award earlier this year!

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