Mission Statement

To empower and inspire a diverse community of mothers through information they can trust.

<p> was founded in August 2016 by Michaela Madison. The website started as the hobby of a mother on maternity leave and thanks to a strong, dedicated and passionate community of mothers it has blossomed into a news and information powerhouse designed specifically with moms in mind.

All too often information unrelated to parents and kids makes the mainstream headlines. Here, parents and kids always make breaking news. Immunization schedules and debates; education, development, health and safety tips; local events catered to kids; fun activities; and real, tips for mothers; scholarly studies and research, and relatable editorials we’ve deemed our ‘Momfessions’ from mothers willing to share stories of their failures, accomplishments, stresses, worries and often humorous journeys through motherhood. It’s all found right here at Michaela set out with a goal even greater than the need for a credible, reliable news source designed for parents. She set out with an ambitious and passionate goal to essentially, change the world. “Can I alone change what’s happening 1,000 miles away, no. But, I can make a direct impact in the world I am intimately a part of every day. By educating and informing mothers in our local and area communities, is changing our world and that reach grows with each new reader.” -Michaela Madison believes parents have the greatest impact on the future as they carry the responsibility of raising who will lead it. The authors that make up the writing staff are chosen to represent the readers serves. Our authors come from all walks of life, backgrounds, parenting approaches, religions, ethnicities, and lifestyles. We strive to prove that despite differences, we can lean on and even learn from one another in a common goal to raise children that we hope will make positive contributions to the future.  We are all doing the best we can and recognizes and appreciates that. We’ve built and continue to develop our content selection with that in mind. Additionally, our activism reaches far beyond the computer screens we work from daily. The team is passionate about community engagement. We immerse ourselves in this through volunteer opportunities, sponsoring influential programs and events, participating in community-based activities and giving all moms (and dads) a platform for their voices to be heard. Our team welcomes and encourages any parent interested in sharing their story to do so anytime by sending their completed article and a personal photograph to We are honored that you have chosen as your source of news, information, and entertainment as you partake in the journey of parenthood You’re not alone.      
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