Launches Partnership with Local Nonprofit

Beginning in May 2018 will bring readers exclusive coverage of the truly inspiring work of the local nonprofit organization, Ashlie’s Embrace.

The passion of the team of volunteers drives them to provide peace and comfort to grieving families. The difference they make is remarkable and cannot be measured.

Read more Launches Partnership with Canton Police Officer is proud to announce yet another valued partnership. Canton Police Officer Lamar Sharpe will be providing monthly articles that will outline safety and other information parents need to know!

More information is yet to come!


17 Stark County-Area Schools Agree to Safety Levy

All but a handful of school districts served by the Stark County Educational Service Center (ESC) are ready to move forward with a continuous levy to fund additional safety, security and mental health efforts.

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Choose to Be A Mother

This past weekend I had a dream about my great-grandmother who will be 97 tomorrow. She shared some encouraging words with me in my dream that had me smiling when I woke up and got me pondering on what motherhood looked like for generations before me (and my mother).

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Kids These Days

Of all the clichés  my students rely upon in their essays, the “kids these days” fallacy has got to be the most frequent. It is especially amusing coming from my 18-20 year old students as they opine for the magical “good old days.” Read more

Celebrating AMAZING Moms-Newsymom Mother’s Day Giveaway

Sarah Copeland has been nominated as an AMAZING mom! “She has Hazel who is now two with her late husband Brent Copeland. She works day in and day out to keep his memory alive for Hazel.”

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