Ohio Launches SuccessBound Initiative

In opening remarks to conference attendees, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria launched the SuccessBound initiative that officials say brings together Ohio’s strong business and education partnerships to engage and inspire students about career opportunities.

“The success of our students is fundamental to our future as a society. When we can connect education to real careers for students, they’re more engaged in their learning,” said DeMaria. “Together, we can help students find their paths and passions while building a future workforce for businesses.”

Education officials note many students are unaware of the different career-focused opportunities available to them. The SuccessBound initiative is expected to address this knowledge gap and help nurture a strong and qualified talent pipeline in Ohio by strengthening the relationship between schools, businesses, and communities. Click here to see SuccessBound in action and watch videos of real SuccessBound partners in Ohio.

Officials also provide the following goals of the program:

SuccessBound Students:

  • Take active roles in planning their future by exploring career interests early and consider how they align their interests to careers;
  • Consider what education and training is needed to reach their goals;
  • Respond to financial concerns by earning free college credits in high school and follow a pathway that allows them to work in a related field while continuing their education; and
  • Dedicate themselves to long-term goals and commit to continuous, lifelong learning.

SuccessBound Schools:

  • Research and respond to the economic needs of their communities;
  • Provide education pathways that give students the skills they need for in-demand jobs and for a remediation-free college experience;
  • Encourage work-based learning experiences and internships and offer rich, engaging learning experiences to students; and
  • Encourage students to plan for their future careers and take stock of what skills and resources they need for those careers.

SuccessBound Businesses:

  • Collaborate with schools to develop the local workforce;
  • Invest in schools to create educational pathways and provide work-based learning experiences that prepare students for jobs that are available now; and
  • Communicate openly with schools about what skills students need to have when they graduate.

Earlier this year, Ohio was awarded a $2 million New Skills for Youth grant from the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Ohio is one of 10 states to receive a New Skills for Youth grant, which directly aligns with many of Gov. John R. Kasich’s Executive Workforce Board’s initiatives and many Ohio Department of Education activities geared toward creating a comprehensive strategy to make sure Ohio’s students are tuned into high-quality career choices and ready for the workforce of the future. SuccessBound was inspired by and will be sustainable beyond the New Skills for Youth grant work.

Michaela Madison Reporting

(Press release issued by the Ohio Department of Education)

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