Richard Crislip – Candidate for Louisville City School Board of Education

A life-long resident of Louisville is joining a crowded contest to be named a member of the Louisville City School Board of Education.

Crislip has joined a co-campaigning effort alongside Barbara DeJacimo and William R Wyss Jr.

He explained financially it just made sense and noted all three share many of the same goals and values.

Crislip, a Louisville High School graduate, has lived in the city all his life and served in the school district both as a teacher and a coach for 35 years.

He said he and his wife are pleased with how the Louisville education has helped lead his two daughters on a path to success. His youngest daughter went on to become a teacher as well.

Crislip explained to that he never pictured himself becoming a politician, but cited the recent activity within the district has inspired him to get involved.

“I do not agree with the strike,” he noted. “I think both sides, both parties are in the wrong. It hurt our kids, it hurt our parents and it has definitely hurt our community. I thought it was time to get involved and hopefully we can clean up this mess.”

He stressed his main goal is to obtain local control.

“I want decisions made from people that have lived here, have seen what we have done in the past,” said Crislip. “And we need to continue our excellence in education and right now we just have a lot of clouds over top of us.”

Crislip went on to explain that he believes has what it takes to help the community, parents, and students.

“By making the best decisions that are going to benefit everybody involved. Hopefully, I can bring that forward.”

Trust was another issue Crislip cited as being top of mind for him.

“We need so much more public involvement. I think we need transparency. I think we need just the trust above our board of education and our administration to move our community and our school system forward and right now we definitely have some problems with that,” said Crislip. “Hopefully I can help continue the tradition that we’ve had in the past.”

Michaela Madison Reporting



Barbara DeJacimo

Thomas E. Doyle

Brenda Ramsey-L’Amoreaux

Cheryl Shepherd

William R. Wyss Jr. 

Jon M. Aljancic – No contact information available.

Donald L. Barthel – Did not return a call for comment. 

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